Swingset 2900

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Tower 2'x2'. 5' Deck Height. 10' Waterfall Slide. 4-Position Single Beam. Wood Glider. 2 Belt Swings. Trapeze.

Our swingsets are designed and built by skilled craftsmen who strive to keep your children’s safety foremost. Wide bases and anchors by the A-frames keep them securely on the ground. Children should not be allowed to play on swingsets without adult supervision as accidents or injuries can occur.We reserve the right to make minor revisions to insure safer play and/or better value.

Materials We Use

Our swingsets are constructed of No. 1 Grade Southern Yellow Pine that has been pressure treated and kiln dried.. All of our lumber is molded for a smooth surface and corners are rounded so there are no sharp edges.. Composite decking is used on all exposed floors.. All metal components such as glider brackets, handrails, fireman’s poles, and monkey bar dowels are powder-coated for a beautiful, long-lasting finish.. Swings have heavy-duty rubber grip chains.. Plastic gliders and slides are constructed of durable, heat-resistant plastic.. All swingsets are stained with an attractive redwood stain..

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pressure-treated wood safe for children
Yes. Pressure-treated wood is non-toxic and cannot harm your children.

How often do we need to re-stain the wood
We recommend every 4 years. The better you take care of it, the longer it will last.

Can adults use the swings and slides
Yes. Slides and swings (except plastic gliders) can bear up to 180 lbs.

Can I customize a swingset to fit my particular need
Absolutely! You can mix and match different towers, swing beams, slides, etc. until you have a configuration you like!