Dutailier Warranty

Dutailier Warranty

Dutailier products purchased as of January 2014 are covered by a one (1) year warranty against any manufacturing defect from date of purchase, upon presentation of original proof of purchase. A two (2) year, five (5) year or lifetime warranty is also available on some components as per conditions listed below.

Glider components

  • 5 years on wood and metal frame
  • 5 years on springs and flexible suspensions
  • 5 years on bearings
  • 2 years on mechanisms (reclining, multiposition, electric motor and battery)
  • 1 year on wood glider cushions

Furniture components

  • 5 years on wood frame
  • Lifetime on drawer slides

During the warranty period, Dutailier may, at its discretion, either replace the defective product with an identical or very similar product or repair or replace the defective component.

However, the final decision on the assessment of the condition of the product, the cause or nature of the defect, and the method of settlement, depends entirely and exclusively by Dutailier.

Please note that all other expenses related to these guarantees are not included (labour, shipping, etc.)

The following items are not considered manufacturing defects and cannot be covered by our warranty :

  • Fading or wear-out due to direct exposure to the sun, proximity to a heat source
  • Improper use of cleaning products
  • Excessive use of a product
  • Variation in shades or wood texture
  • Natural markings on the leather (fold, scar, etc.)

The following items are not covered by our warranty after delivery of the product :

  • The costs and expenses incurred by the purchaser if he repairs the product itself or ask a third party to do it without having made prior arrangements with Dutailier or the retailer
  • Any changes made to the product by the purchaser or a third party without the permission of Dutailier
  • Any servicing other than those mentioned by Dutailier
  • Soilings, tears, scratches
  • Spots of organic liquid or other
  • Fading in wood colors or covering of the product due to : exposure to the sun or resulting from the proximity of the product to a heat source that may damage the product, as well as exposure to a light source that may discolor the covering or wood color
  • Damage caused by the application of a chemical substance not recommended by Dutailier and the use of inappropriate cleaning products
  • Damage resulting from incorrect or improper handling or transportation of the product by the purchaser


  • Any imperfections or breakage of the product should be reported to the retailer upon receipt otherwise, any claim will be refused.
  • An inspection of the product may be required by the retailer before making a decision concerning the outcome of the problem. At any time, the purchaser must present a proof of purchase.
  • In case of replacement, Dutailier will attempt to provide an identical product. However, we cannot guarantee the same shade of wood, or the same fabric nor the same vinyl or leather (including color and shade). In no instance shall Dutailier exceed the initial cost of purchase.
  • If you have purchased other services relating to fabric treatment, extended warranties or cleaning services not mentioned in this document, please contact these companies for a service request.