Berkley Expandable 42" X 42" Table

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42.00 (in)
30.38 (in)
42.00 (in)
Craft the ideal gathering spot with this adaptable dining table, offering adjustable dimensions to cater to intimate dinners and larger gatherings, all while showcasing remarkable craftsmanship and unwavering durability.
  • The table expands to a maximum length of 62 inches.
  • Crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this table eliminates the need for painting or staining, ensuring long-lasting elegance.
  • It remains impervious to rot or splintering, guaranteeing enduring sturdiness.
  • The poly furniture is fortified with extra UV protection to withstand fading, preserving its timeless charm.
  • Opt for a stainless hammered top in place of the poly for a distinctive aesthetic touch.

Berlin Gardens 20-Year Warranty (residential)
Berlin Gardens 5-Year Warranty (commercial)
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